Why Gutter Block USA?

There are over 1,000 gutter protection companies to choose from, but we feel there are many advantages to choosing Gutter Block USA over all the others.

How do we compare to the leading competitor?

When you look at us versus the leading competitor, here’s how we compare:
Features and Benefits Gutter Block USA The leading competitor
Heavy-duty anodized aluminum construction Yes No
Putting your needs ahead of making a sale Yes No
Guaranteed to block insects and natural debri such as bees, mosquito nesting, and bird nests. Yes No
Fully recyclable product Yes No
Company owner is hands on with all projects Yes No

The leading competitor screens are not securely adhered to the frame, which causes the mesh to pop off

Here’s the end result of a project from a big DIY home improvement chain. $800 down the drain because they are very thin, and only a short term fix.