Why do I need gutter protection?

  • Eliminates the risk of falling and injuring yourself on a ladder
  • It’s a great investment because
    • It pays for itself many times over through savings over the life of the home
    • Provides excellent resale value
  • It’s a great investment because…
    • Protects your home from rotting fascia and soffit (water pooling in blocked up gutters)
    • Keeps mosquitoes from nesting in stagnant pools of water
    • Keeps bugs, insects, bird nests and pests out of your gutters
  • Puts an end to…
    • water leaking in your home
    • mold and mildew growth
    • heaving driveway
    • landscape erosion
    • basement flooding
    • foundational issues

What’s the typical cost for gutter block?

The average cost per linear foot is typically in the $13-$35 range for most gutter block installations. At Gutter Block USA, we consistently charge at least 10% less than our competitors, specifically Leaf Filter. We also guarantee to beat all written estimates for any comparable product.

Is there a warranty, and can it transfer to a new homeowner?

All our gutter block products come with a 40-year warranty, which is fully transferable. That means if you have Gutter Block USA installed this year and then sell your home ten years from now, the warranty will carry over to the new owner and still have another 30 years left! This makes it great for resale value!

What’s the best gutter block material?

The best gutter block material is the one that will hold up to the elements the best and last the longest. We believe anodized aluminum is the best option because it’s very durable, long lasting and provides excellent value for the money. All Gutter Block USA products are made with anodized aluminum. Check out this video clip to see how our gutter guard holds up under tough conditions, compared to the leading competitor products.